Who we are

Lean Consulting Network Limited, whose name represents its philosophy of thinking "lean thinking", identifies its consultancy concept in the continuous pursuit and elimination of time wasting, to find and implement efficient systems to produce more with less resource consumption.

Consulting firm operates on Maltese territory in order to be able to offer a multiple network of services starting from the experience of its founders, who are the first interpreters of the needs of who comes from foreign countries and needs to be integrated in a new reality.

They are able to integrate their Italian bureaucratic, fiscal, economic and cultural know-how within the Maltese bureaucratic, fiscal, economic and cultural context in which they are rooted: a bridge between neighboring geographical cultures but which are different from each other.

Who you are

Do not only ask what type of consultants are we. Ask yourself what type of customer you are.

You may be new to the business world, or you may be already present in this world.

You may be looking for a new job, professional growth. You may have the expertise, the passion, the desire to make a dream come true or you may only wish to promote and enlarge your business, to have the opportunity to operate in a business-oriented system which does not hinder you, to internationalize your skills, to open up for a foreign market which then can also be a bridge towards other countries.

How we can help you