United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

The United Arab Emirates confirmed the main outlet market for Italian exports in the Middle East and North Africa. Of course, the prospects are even more promising with the assignment to Dubai of Expo 2020.

The Italian Export in the area records a business volume in constantly increasing, confirming Italy's seventh position, behind India, China and the USA, among exporting countries to the United Arab Emirates. In 2013 there has been a marked improvement in trade, with the achievement of 5.51 billion euros of our exports, and a total of 1.3 billion euros of imports. According to ISTAT data, in the ranking of the composition of Italian exports the first place was covered with jewels and articles of gold, followed by general-purpose machinery, clothing, furniture, motors, generators and transformers. Italy is the second largest exporter of furniture products for the tourism sector in the UAE, after China. About one-fifth of the question concerns the furniture and 7% electrical equipments and illumination. These two categories represent respectively 58.6% and 22.8% of Italian furniture exports in the country in 2013. They provide more extensive areas of development for sectors such as hotel equipment, power, construction, environmental protection, food & beverage

More than any other emirate, Dubai has shown a very strong commercial propensity making the most of its favorable geographical position, in absolute terms and compared to the old routes to India. Today it's considered the "commercial capital of the Middle East".

Dubai has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, state policies that allow full repatriation of product and capital, no income tax and no corporation tax.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi also, under national law, are the only two emirates to have veto power with respect to critical issues of national importance.

Dubai is in fact the privileged port for those looking east: is located strategically in the center of the Middle East, overlooking the sea, just three hours flying time from a market, that of India, with 1.3 billion potential consumers. That's why every year is chosen by a multitude of international investors and more and more Italian companies of all sizes. In addition, being oil drilling in the territory relatively low compared to neighboring countries, the economy has focused on the tertiary sector by fostering the construction and functional development of the city; the first characterized by the application of urban standards of the Western type, and the second by a modern system of commercial, financial and social services.

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